it   i s   s p r i n g   b r e a k .

i slept for over 12 hours last night and it was amazing.

tonight i’m going to columbus with my parents to meet my brother and sister-in-law because they’re moving some stuff into their apartment and my brother has a big job interview.  so pray for him with that if you could. 

last night was frab on satan Bible study and once again it was amazingness.  i love Jesus and i love my Jesus-loving friends.  then we went to fazoli’s, put secret treasure on dustin’s car, and jeremy and i drove around searching for something else to do..but all we could find was borders.  and jeremy got the u2 cover cd.  this is the first day jeremy and i aren’t hanging out all week. but it’ll be okay.

last night i was parking at fazoli’s.. and i looked over at movies 4 (way across a big parking lot)..and i saw this car turning around.. and i recognized it.. and looked again and said “that is dustin.”  and so we drove over to see if i was correct…and i was.   i should be some kind of guy..that finds people…or something.  haha wow nevermind.

i’m gonna go eat beef stew. mom makes it well.

->hi, my name is brandon and i wish you all a good good friday.
listening to: david crowder band



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