here’s a conversation between me and jeremy. enjoy.

bschmidt777: im bafck
bschmidt777: back too
bschmidt777: did you talk to jd any?
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: im baoenack
bschmidt777: hahahha
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: not realy hja
bschmidt777: hjajahjaojahha
gJiEfRfEoMrYd:  hajahaajahajajajaj
bschmidt777: jajajajaja
bschmidt777: jah jah jah jah jah
bschmidt777: pod
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: all you jah warriors
bschmidt777: unite
bschmidt777: like the supertones
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: hahaha
bschmidt777: and spark a light
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: to burn
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: so bright
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: the sight
bschmidt777: will blind the blind
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: of this
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: our modern time?
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: is that it
bschmidt777: of modern times
bschmidt777: i think
bschmidt777: haahaha i didnt know either
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: something
bschmidt777: yeah
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: haha
bschmidt777: jsjjaja
bschmidt777: oh man i didnt mean to do that
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: hsxfjkdsafa
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: ahfda
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: f
bschmidt777: hahaha why am i laughing so hard at this
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: whos val’s hott date?
bschmidt777: sara
bschmidt777: haha
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: smth?
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: with an i
bschmidt777: yeah
bschmidt777: hahahaha
bschmidt777: no without an i
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: what are they doing a jesi
bschmidt777: she’s boycotting vowels
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: at*
bschmidt777: he has a going away party i think
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: jesi”s
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: o
bschmidt777: atatat@@@
bschmidt777: yep
bschmidt777: im gonna put this in my xanga
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: plut what?a
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: put waht
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: put what
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: ?*
bschmidt777: this conversation
bschmidt777: hahaha plut plut plut
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: putt putt putt…its an old fashion cart
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: or car dangit
bschmidt777: ha plut ha plut ha plut
bschmidt777: stacie orrico is smiling at me through your buddy icon.. i think she likes me
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: yuo beteter watch your language! she wouldnt cheat on me like that
bschmidt777: she said theres gotta be more to life than jeremy
bschmidt777: and that she’s stuck on me
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: i’m gonan kill you
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: gonna*
bschmidt777: hahaha
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: gonan…it sounds like one of those pokemoin or dragon ball z characters
bschmidt777: gonan the barbarian
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: gonan power up to levle 5 cyborg!
bschmidt777: hahaha yeah!
bschmidt777: i’ll trade you gonan’s card for cyverox turbo
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: Gonan..i choose you!
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: Gonan for Gonad
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: hah
bschmidt777: hahahah
bschmidt777: ok im putting this in my xanga now
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: hahah
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: mmmkkkk
bschmidt777: took my baby away
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: what ever happend too the kk
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: k
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: kkk
bschmidt777: they still meet i think
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: do they burn people still?
bschmidt777: i think at rallies and stuff.. i saw it on 20/20 once
bschmidt777: not people.. but other stuff
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: oooo
bschmidt777: club fanny pack is better
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: ya!


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