What is your favorite..

gum: i don’t like gum
restaurant: applebees or chilis or cracker barrell or wendys or taco bell or el campesino
drink: sunny delight or cherry coke
season: summer and christmas time
type of weather: 70 and sunny…ohhhhhh man.
emotion: joyful 
thing to do on a half day: play with my friends
late-night activity: filling out these.  it’s actually very well into the morning but i cannot sleep..
sport: bowling? 
city: denver!
store: borders, berean, best buy, american eagle, the village, guitar center
When was the last time you..
cried: i’m not sure
played a sport: ummm…does skipping rocks count?
laughed: about an hour ago
hugged someone: a few hours ago 
kissed someone: uhh..i kissed my dog tonight.
felt depressed: yesterday when i found out the switchfoot show was sold out
felt elated: today
felt overworked: last week
faked sick: i was sick for real last week.. thats all i remember
lied: i donevenoh.  i don’t like lying.
What was the last..
word you said: “STOP IT!” (sorry, that’s two words)
thing you ate: rice krispies
song you listened to: “stars” -david crowder band (i think thats the title)
thing you drank: sunny delight
place you went to: columbus
movie you saw: the fighting temptations.. it was one of those “why am i watching this” movies but i enjoyed it a bunch at the same time.  gospel music makes me happy.
movie you rented: the fighting temptations and school of rock
concert you attended: wow i honestly don’t know.. um.. yikes i really don’t know.  david crowder maybe?  that seems like forever ago.   
Who was the last person you..
hugged: my mom
cried over: Jesus
kissed: oscar mayer (my dog)
danced with: hmm i dont know
shared a secret with: dustin i think
had a sleepover with: haha all i can think of is when i forced the girls to have one with me in denver on our youth trip.  oops it wasn’t a sleepover.. just a slumber party.. for a half hour. then i went back to my room since i was the only guy.
called: umm..i talked to chad today on the phone
went to a movie with: i think the last movie i saw in the theater was the passion with my youth group.. but i watched school of rock at home with my mom earlier this week
saw: my dad
were angry with: i don’t know..probably my parents. i don’t really get angry very much for more than a few minutes
couldn’t take your eyes off of: aretha franklin. haha psyche
obsessed over: the only person i ever remember obsessing over was alex mack in middle school. haha
Have you ever..
danced in the rain: yes
kissed someone: not outside the family..hah.  i’m proud of that though.
done drugs: no
drank alcohol: no
slept around: i’ve slept around a lot of places…by myself.
partied ’til the sun came up: actually..many times.
had a movie marathon: yep
gone too far on a dare: once when i was little i was playing girl talk with my cousins and i had to put ice cubes down my pants and shirt.
spun until you were immensely dizzy:   i used to when i was little all the time.. one time when i was 4 i did it so much that i crashed into the corner of a speaker in our living room and i got a fat lip for a few weeks.
taken a survey quite like this before:

yeah.  oh well.


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