sorry i fill these out so much. 

last cigarette: i’ve never smoked.
last car ride: home from josh’s with jeremy and then home from jeremy’s by myself
last kiss: from my momma
last good cry: not sure
last library book checked out: i honestly don’t know.. i checked out the adoration cd by newsboys though
last movie seen: willy wonka and the chocolate factory
last book read: parts of mere christianity
last cuss word uttered: never cussed.  believe it or not, i don’t care.
last beverage drank: mountain dew
last food consumed: twizzlers
last crush: for me to know and you to not know. haha
last phone call: sara i thinK
last tv show watched: real world/road rules challenge
last time showered: this afternoon
last shoes worn: navy american eagle ones
last cd played: passion: sacred revolution
last item bought: pizza
last downloaded: ummmm..i think it was some worship song
last annoyance: when people can’t get along..not so much an annoyance.. more just sadness.
last disappointment: myself when i realize that God isn’t the focus where it should be.
last soda drank: mountain dew
last thing written: i wrote a song on thursday
last key used: a
last word spoken: “yeah”
last sleep: this morning
last sexual fantasy: shut upppp.
last weird encounter: this guy that has randomly come up and swept under me like 3 times in the past 2 weeks while sitting at the food court.  one time i was sitting by chad and he did it.. once by jeremy.. and once by myself.
last ice cream eaten: whoa i have no idea.
last time amused: tonight, on the way home.
last time in love: other than God, i don’t think i’ve really been in love.
last time hugged: i think. 
last time scolded: tonight about getting sleep
last time resentful: i’m really not sure.  i don’t like being resentful..but i probably was at one point today.
last chair sat in: the one i’m in now.
last lipstick used: hmm can’t say i’ve ever worn lipstick
last underwear worn: the underwear i’m wearing now
last shirt worn: my blue shirt that says “blue” on it.  haha, fancy that.
last time dancing: toooday
last show attended: david crowder i think.. but mannnn oh man i thin i’m gonna get to go on monday to switchfoot and copeland last webpage visited:

1 MINUTE AGO: doing this
1 HOUR AGO: driving home from josh’s and jeremy’s.. or wait.. no i was home by then i think. i was probably sitting here. 
1 DAY AGO: on my couch, watching a movie
1 WEEK AGO: asleep
1 YEAR AGO: i think the cool hand luke show was a year ago
I HURT: when others hurt
I LOVE: because He loves.
I HATE: evil things.
I FEAR: falling, spiritually and physically, getting robbed, tornadoes, blood/needles
I HOPE: more opportunities to do things for Jesus come up soon
I FEEL: tired
I HIDE: certain things.
I DRIVE: when i have a car.
I MISS: being a little kid and certain people.
I LEARNED: a lot this year.
I NEED: to remember that i need Jesus.
I KNOW: that i need to go to bed.

current clothes: copeland shirt, black jeans, socks, underpants
current mood: tired, peaceful, comtemplative?
current music: the juliana theory
current taste: nothin
current hair: long.  i need a haircut.
current annoyance: stuff.
current smell: brownies
current thing i should be doing: sleeping
current desktop picture: my old dog fighting my sister’s dog
current refreshment: water
current worry: lots.  i hate worrying…all it means is that i’m not trusting God with things.  arrrrrg.

let’s end this on a happy note..

IT’S EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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