these hands, these feet
         they stumble and they fall when You’re not near

               this heart, this voice
        they struggle to love and make a joyful noise

                 for I am nothing without You

         my life, my days
     are meaningless when You’re not given praise

        You alone, Your everything
   send the enemy to flee, for You’re the only King

                              for I am nothing without You

       will You take these chains away from me
          let Your spirit move so wonderfully
       will You rule my heart and overflow my soul
         will You mend me together as You see
           will You come inside and reign over me
                  for I am nothing without You

      wake up my heart, open my eyes
   wake up the world, open the skies
         it’s time to sing it’s time to fly
                       You are beautiful

i wrote that yesterday.

i love my friends.  if it weren’t for you guys, i’d be going crazy.  thankyou for constantly being there, whether you know it or not.

i’m going on a date with my mom this afternoon.  and then i have church.  i’m so excited for church.  you should all come to trans4m.

->hi, my name is brandon and the sun is actually shining again.
listening to: spoken




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