church was very good.  yes it was.

after church was not so good. no it wasn’t.

sarah d was having people at this house she was watching to hang out.. but there was a cat.  so i went home to take allergy medicine.  i realized i needed time to let the medicine kick in.  so i went to taco bell for a few minutes to see friends.  then i set off for the house around 9:20.  let’s just say i’m horrible with directions and driving in places i’ve never been before in the middle of nowhere.  and that i get freaked out easily in those kinds of situations.  when i thought i finally found where i was supposed to be.. i couldnt find the house.  so i turned around to go home after giving up and trying multiple ways.  and i got lost on the way back.  and yeah.  i got home around 11.  it wasn’t fun.  but i’m just glad God let me figure out my way back.  and i’m glad i had chris tomlin to keep me company.  i got home and my mom was freaking out after she learned i never got to the house.  she ran over to me…and i said “hold me.”  hahah.. oh and i hit a cat.  i don’t know if it was already dead or not.. but it didn’t really phase me at that point. blah i’m just glad i’m hooooome.


other than that.. please pray for me.  satan attacks when he knows there’s something he should be worried about.  and he’s attacking me daily.  not even with things that have to do with me.  but i hurt when i see things.  and know things.  and i don’t know… it’s hard to explain.  but i belong to my Creator.  and that’s that.  (thankyoufortheprayer.)

i’m going to indiana in the morning until friday night.  see you guys thennnn.

->hi, my name is brandon and every little thing’s gonna be all right.
listening to: passion worship: hymns ancient and modern


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  1. Don’t worry brandon…I’ve gotten lost big time and no one has let me down yet! But your definitely in my prayers…please pray for me  (and the worship band too) we really need it! have a good weekend-Katir-


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