hi everybody.  i just got home from el campesino.  oh man i’ve wanted that for so lonnnnng.  mmm.

it’s weird that i have like 3 more weekends as a high school student.  but this was a good one.  friday night i got to go to the park with jeremy and jaydee and we played frisbee and soccer and paddleball.  then we met kt and hannah on the playground…ahh i love playing outside. we also found megan wandering the parking lots of canton by herself.


then on saturday i learned how to check/change oil, change flat tires, etc etc etc.  i hate cars.  a lot.  then i picked up jeremy and we went around to stores..then the mall.. read some disturbing books that made us want to wash our hands.. and then we found jd and tashua adesscott…so jeremy pretended he was alone while i sat in the photobooth and made faces..but they didn’t see me so i gave up.  we came here and gangsta met us.. we drove around the strip playing funny music.. then went to friendly’s where hannah came and we convinced the waitress she was meeting jd for the first time from a chat room.  and then we came back to my house and called into 95.9’s x-ray show thing..twice..and gave shoutouts and requested dc talk.  and we were the coolest kids ever.  and jexx heard it from her car. hahaha

today was church.. i led and was completely scatterbrained and felt not together.. but sometime those days are good. it forces me to close my eyes and realize the reason i’m standing on stage and it turns out 100% better.  lots of weird things went wrong..but it was fine.  i love church.  and then jexx sang a sooooolo!!  and it was good and i was proud of her.  i kept hearing people talking about how good it was.  so yay.  (jess…do more of themmmm. they get easier with each time, i promise.)

laugh at these:

jeremy tried to eat my dog

we caught mafia man…

dun Dun DUN

hahahaha it really looked like they were meeting for the first time.
it was so amazing. and we saw our waitress telling everyone in the kitchen about it.

val being scary in the dark
jd being scary in the dark
jeremy being scary in the dark

doody in my room

some guy we picked up on the road..

me getting attacked by oscar while jeremy

umm…i think i should wash my couch. ew frabbb. baha

i tried to kill jd by sticking a fireplace utensil (they’ve been there my entire life and we’ve never used them) down his buttocks.

being girls in front of the mirror

jeremy ate my rubber ducky

beautiful music


| t h e e n d |

wow, sorry that was so long..


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