newwww design…i hope you like it.

today was madness.  but it was good. 

i needed church really badly tonight..and we went to dairy queen instead.  it was fun..but yeah.  i’m just really craving Jesus.  we had a dance party to old school dc talk and out of eden in the taco bell parking lot.  i visited my sister at malone and gave dustin windshield mail.  i went to the museum to drop scholarship stuff off.  i visited j-me and made copies.  and there’s more.. but it’s not exciting really.  oh man i need sleep.  i love you alllll.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m falling asleep.
listening to: the benjamin gate – hands

[ Your spirit healing life to me
                  holding my heart in sweet security.

                                                         God, i need Your love. 
                                            let Your grace shine through me.]


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