(does anyone read this anymore?)

all i did this weekend was go to parties (and church).  i’m glad i have the best friends and family ever.

friday – band practice 
             dinner with family
             tasha’s grad party
saturday – met up with sarahm/sarahd/jason
                  josh’s surprise birthday party
sunday – churrrrch
                cookout at home
                sarah d’s grad party
                missed maria’s grad party
                grandma’s surprise birthday party
                j-me’s grad party
                had to go home instead of micah’s party

mmm.  yep.  God continues to do awesome stuff in me, and i’m so greatful for that.  i’m still confused without reason for being confused.  but oh well.  i don’t need to have answers right now.  if i did, God would give them.  so yeah.  here are some things i want everyone to know about:

this tuesday night at 6pm at john knox church is jackson’s baccalaureate service for the seniors.  from 6 to 6:30, me/dustin/josh/james will be playing, so come see us.

this wednesday night at 7pm at the canton civic center is jackson’s graduation.  come see us.

saturday, june 12th from 2-5pm at my church is my graduation party.  come see me and make me smile.

okay that’s all for now.  byebye.

->hi, my name is brandon and my stomach hurts.
listening to: mae


    my feet have become weary from digging my place
    in this comfort, this waiting room, this category of complacency
    under this skin, there are wings waiting in every heartbeat
    trapped in my eyes is a spark overflowing into teardrops

   You etched into me all that You made me to be

   my mind’s become weary from wandering thoughts
   in this question, this waiting room, this category of singularity
   under this skin, there is hope waiting in every heartbeat
   trapped in my head is a picture overflowing into dreams

    but You’ve etched into me all that You made me to be
    and that alone is enough as You lead me through this night.

i’m not sure why i get caught up in nights like tonight.  i can’t describe it.  the way i’m feeling is nobody’s fault… i just feel weird and alone.  i know i’m not, but i can’t escape the imaginary distance that looms around for unknown reason.  maybe i just need a time to let myself take a step back and watch.  maybe i’m just scrounging up random questions abut my life for nothing.  so many thoughts are being triggered.. some that excite me, some that confuse me, some that crush me and some that build me.  i’m not going into detail..but yeah. i don’t know.  but i do know i’m loved.  not just by those around me but by my amazing Creator.  and that He is in control of what happens in my life…that He is the author who knows what chapters go where. please keep me in your prayers. 


thank you zac for making me smile with this:

(max is his 6 year old brother)

AVAIL06: well (max) got a happy meal and i ate one of his nuggets and he got mad and squashed his bag
AVAIL06: then out of nowhere while im watching this horendious ordeal go down…
AVAIL06: (and while laughing histarically)
AVAIL06: he throws it down and stomps on it…
AVAIL06: (not once)
AVAIL06: (not twice)
AVAIL06: and this bag of peaches squirts out everywhere and sprays the walls and the carpet and cocoa~!!!
AVAIL06: and my dad walked in and sent us both to our rooms and i couldnt stop laughin all the way up the steps
AVAIL06: he said-“thats real mature zac, way to go”
AVAIL06: haaha
AVAIL06: i couldnt help it
AVAIL06: max always says (after he gets into trouoble)
AVAIL06: “do you want me to go to my room for a billion gillion years?” and my favorite “You can throw all my toys and cars and bed sheets away”!
AVAIL06: he says stuff like…”sell all my toys and you can have all my moneys!”


->hi, my name is brandon and i love you all.
listening to: five iron frenzy

leave me happy comments.

this has been such a good weeeeeeek. ahh

last night was stinkin’ grool. (great and cool, thanks to the movie i saw today..baha)  i dunno, they are nights like last night that make me smile uncontrollably.  leading worship was so great.. the last few weeks i’ve been struggling a lot with trying to focus on worship while trying to focus on making the music sound okay.. and last night i was completely able to let go and not focus on it at all.  and i know it could show.  and it let God fill our little youth room up so beautifully.  we also went for twice as long as usual.  i don’t know what it was like for anyone else that was there last night, but for me personally, it was amazing.  right after that, we just bowed on our knees in a big circle and prayed.  so peaceful and comforting and humbling.  and then we layed out some ways we want to reach out this summer and wrote them on the wall.. and so i’m excited.  i love my youth group so much. 

taco bell was good too.  i love that i can see the majority of my friends every week at some point.  i introduced geraldine to everyone after church and at taco bell.  if you missed her, sorry.  she is a furry duck that sings.  yeah, that’s right. she is a furry duck that sings. 

tonight i have senior awards and tomorrow i have band practice and then i have parties out the butt this weekend.  haha

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m happy.
listening to: bethany dillon.. i don’t know why, but i can’t stop. is that weird?

i have an english final in less than 5 hours.  oh well.

searching in my room tonight, i found my journals from my atlanta missions trip last summer.  wow..i forgot how powerful it was. but it was good to think back.  it made me think about a lot that i had kinda forgotten about that i learned down there.  i wanna go again.

looking through pictures for my graduation party stuff sparked thought about a lot of things. 

i like where i’m at.  completely clinging to God to bring me to that place He wants me.  and being so sure that i’m on the right track.

i really enjoy playing music.

i went on a picnic today.

i tried flying a kite.

i really like summertime.

              [walk towards me, i want to hear
               the heavens singing over you
               when you breathe and look at me
               i want to be captured by you

              gaze into my eyes and let me know
                     you’d fight thousands for my love
                          slip your hand in mine
                 ask me to dance with you tonight
                              just ask me for my love

              i want to hide what’s deep in my eyes
              i’m scared to be known by you
              but when i turn my head and see you there
              i want to be pursued

                       a dream i won’t wake from
                       a story that will never end
                       the ground your feet walk on
                       let me be there
                             let me be there

              gaze into my eyes and let me know
                     you’d fight thousands for my love
                          slip your hand in mine
                 ask me to dance with you tonight
                              just ask me for my love]

random statements of thought:

+ i’m thankful for air conditioning.
+ i wish i could revisit my childhood when i wanted.
+ it’s starting to hit that it’s summertime.
+ i hope i don’t lose contact with friends i don’t regularly see.
+ i love how God proves time and time again that He is much bigger than technical difficulties.
+ it’d be convenient to have my own car.
+ i’m really not sure how this summer is going to pan out.. but i’m excited.
+ i really like peanuts and cheez-its and pizza and french fries and slushies and milk.  that’s what i’ve consumed throughout tonight. yikes.
+ pictures entertain me a lot.
+ i feel like playing nintendo.
+ i hope i can hang out with people tomorrow.
+ i hope we can practice soon.
+ i want to use the talents God equipped me with to full extent for His glory.
+ i want to feel worship in every aspect of my life and know that is the reason for my existence. and i want make myself remember that worship through music is only a small percentage of a worshipful lifestyle.
+ i’m so excited to see where this path i’m on leads me next.
+ i’ve come to the realization once again that i have the best friends in the planet.  and same with my family.
+ it’s hard that i’m not going to anderson next year.  i’m still so partial to that college.  but i know God is calling me to stay here for now.
+ bethany dillon is so insanely good for her age.  i love that God is using her the way He is.
+ i wish there was some way i could maintain every close relationship i’ve formed at one point or another over the past four years.
+ it makes me sick when people can’t get along.  call me a social optimist.
+ i like xanga.  i’ve had mine for almost 2 years. and nobody else around her had one then.
+ my arms are cold.
+ i love that i have no idea really of what the next few years of my life will be like.  sure, i know a few basics right now, but that’s all.  and for some reason i love that.
+ i feel like singing.

that’s enough for now.
->hi, my name is brandon and i’m going to play mario paint now.
listening to: david crowder band – the lime cd

it’s still weird that i’m not going back to school on monday.  or ever again, other than a final on tuesday. 

last night i celebrated the end of school at lisa’s house, and it was fun.  i’m sad i missed the leadership stuff at berlin center, but i’ll see everyone from there soon hopefully.  at lisa’s we played mario paint and ate food and played cards.. and then we played supermarket sweept at giant eagle.  sara and i disguised the jell-o..muaahahaha.  but we still didn’t win because our item from aisle 9 wasn’t the most expensive……yep.  today i overslept and went to our church workday and hung out with carrie, jess, jd, isaiah, and some little kids..haha it was fun.  then we practiced for sunday morning.  and now it’s time for a survey.


A is for – Age: 18..19 in 2 months..thats weird.
B is for – Boyfriend/Girlfriend: nope.
C is for – Career in Future: something with ministry/art/music
D is for – Dead person you would like to meet: aaliyah and 2pac..haha or maybe not since theyre still alive…how else do you have new cds AFTER your death…
E is for – Essential item to bring to a party: a camera..or taboo..haha
F is for – Favorite song at the moment: i’m really really really liking this is the last time by mae and anything by blindside.  and bethany dillon’s music is really good. 
G is for – Guy/Girls you’ve kissed: zero. baha.
H is for – Hometown: jackson township…i consider that more of my “hometown” than canton or massillon
I is for – Instruments you play: guitar and piano
J is for – Job title: umm..i’m gonna be a bookstore worker in july and august
L is for – Living places: my house…?  in a dorm room with jd come august
M is for – Most memorable moment of the day: getting attacked by three little boys on noah’s ark on my church’s playground.. i still have bite marks on my arm.
N is for – Number of people you’ve dated: zero
O is for – Overnight hospital stay: i don’t remember staying overnight at a hospital ever..but i think when i was a baby i had to.
P is for – Phobias: blood..falling..getting mugged or something in the dark.
Q is for – Quote you like: “scott baio gave someone pinkeye once.” -dustin. haha that was the first thing i thought of..
R is for – Relationship thats lasted the longest: the one i have with Jesus
S is for – Sexuality: mmm..i don’t know what i’m supposed to say..haha
T is for – Time you wake up everyday: it used to be 5:45 when i was in school..i guess i’ll see how that works out now.
U is for – Unique trait(s): you tell me.  i could go on for a long time.
V is for – Vegetable you love: any kind of potatoes..carrots with ranch dip..corn..mmm.
W is for – Worst habit: trying to fix everything
X is for – X-rays you’ve had: i can only remember one on my leg after my go kart accident..haha
Y is for – Yummy food you make: i made good nachos today. mmmmmmmm.
Z is for – Zodiac sign: that got ace of base in my head.  i’m a leo.

->hi, my name is brandon and it’s summertiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.
listening to: the benjamin gate

after 13 years, it’s my last day at jackson forever and ever.

i’m weirded out but oh so happy.

here i come, summer.