whoa.. i haven’t updated in a long time.

things are so good.  God’s showing me, teaching me, preparing me, leading me.  and that’s all i desire. 

thursday night we had frab on satan..and it was good.  we talked about the prodigal son.. read some of the sermon on the mount.. talked about philipians..worshipped..and it was fun. 

friday i took slides for portfolio all day.  thennn at night i went to the rock for life show with me-j..and hung out with aaron/megan/michelle/josh(ithink)/josh/luke, and that was grood.  everett’s music made me salivate.  haha well maybe not, but wow.  so good.  then we went to visit dustin and stopped at giant eagle and taco silvers (haha) while we waited for him to get home.. we acquired a chair, a headless duck, a record player, and other treasures in the street.  and then we laughed on his couch. 

yesterday i went and got my tux so i could look like james bond while being with my friends in the middle of a thousand hoochies.  hahah prom will be fun.  then val and sara picked me up “BRANDONBRANDON BRANDON! BRANDONBRANBRANDONANDONBRANDON”  (this what i heard as the car pulled into my driveway…bahahaa)  we went to el camps..and the mall and borders and then we called into 95.9’s saturday night show between 5 and 10 times and i have it on tape to prove it.

today, church was sogood.  worship was really great.  i had to do a solo, not knowing what to sing, but asked God to give me whatever song He wanted when i got to church.  i walk into church..and one of our youth workers goes “are you gonna do ‘come home running’? pastor scott is preaching about the prodigal son.”  so yeah.. i sang come home running by chris tomlin with my sister and it went well.  and there were testimonies.  and ah. yay.  i went to the mall with doody and met my family at chilis.. then came home and slept..then went to tuslaw for an fca service thing.  jess and carrie gave testimonies and did SOOOOGOOOOD and i was proud yet again. haha

now it’s late and i need sleep.  summer is drawing near.  oh yes, it is.

sorry this was as long as it was.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m eating oreos.
listening to: justin mcroberts – trust

we sang this at church this morning and the words were my prayer exactly.  ah it was cool.

[beautiful Lord, wonderful Savior
        i know for sure, all of my days are held in Your hands
                     crafted into Your perfect plan

       You gently call me into Your presence
                       Guiding me by Your holy Spirit
                                    teach me, dear Lord, to live all of my life
                                            through Your eyes

                  i’m captured by Your holy calling
                  set me apart, i know You’re drawing me to Yourself
                          l e a d   m e   L o r d ,   i   p r a y

                 take me, mold me, use me, fill me
i give my life to the Potter’s hand
call me, guide me, lead me, walk beside me
i give my life to the Potter’s hand ]


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