mighty nite lite: hiheyhellowhatsuphey
bschmidt777: notmuchohnotalotnothingreallyn2mhu?
mighty nite lite: samedittochillinnothinmetooyup
bschmidt777: thatscoolohsweetthatsniftyohneatoawesomeisee
bschmidt777: hahahehelaughoutloudlaughmbuttoffrollingonthefloor
mighty nite lite: laughingoutloudfallingoffchairontofloorandrolldinghahaha
mighty nite lite: brb
mighty nite lite: okalrightsweeti’lldothatawesome


today was craziness.  please keep some portfolio madness in your prayers and that everything will work out okay for me.

tonight i practiced with dustin and jeremy (josh couldn’t make it since it was kind’ve out of nowhere), but it was really cool.  i’m excited for next week’s show.  i still believe God is doing something important in this.  so yay. 

i have essays to write.  aahhh.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m happy.
listening to: copeland


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