ahhh i’m so tired.  all the weeks over the past few months have flown by like a jetplane on a mission.  or something.

i just got home from practice, and it went so well.  God is finally doing something awesome with this, and i’m so happy.  the songs are turning out reallyy nice. thank You Jesus.

hey you… come see us play tomorrow night with madison east and gates called beautiful at first assembly of God in louisville on main street.  $6 bucks at 6:30. if you need directions or information, IM me at bschmidt777.

->hi, my name is brandon and i neeeeeed my bed. now.
listening to: mae

(jeremmmmy…sorry i couldn’t make it tonight.  practice went a lot longer than i expected..and chad, sorry i forgot to call.  ahh. i’m a nerd.)


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  1. You were missed at the show man.  Glad practice went well and good luck tomorrow night…wish I could be there but I have to work..sorry. Later


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