something awesome happened last night.  it’s hard to put into words.. but God moved mountains inside of me, if that makes any sense.  as i was on stage, i just felt God’s presence hanging over me.  giving it all to Him and letting Him shine left me with the biggest peace i think i’ve ever known.  i’ve finally found my place and i’m so sure of it now.  it just felt so good.  sure, i play on stage all the time.  something was just different last night.  and every ounce of praise goes to Him.  thank You, Jesus. so much.

and thanks to everyone that came to see us last night.  i love you all. 

->hi, my name is brandon and i wish i could sleep.
listening to: david crowder band


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  1. whoa. i have never been so moved to worship at any show before [some big christian concerts yah, but never at a show!] it was amazing and you weren’t the only one feeling it friend! like i had heard some of your music before and no one told me that you played with a full band.. and i was completely blown away {whoosh!!! there i went!} it was incredible. and it was quite amusing to see james and to find out you know him.. and seeing you both tonight as well.. crazy. Gods sweet like that. well hav an amazing night! and be sure to let me know when your shows are!!!!!


  2. okay so i took the hardcore quiz for fun…. i got 78 points. but thats so funny because i’m totally NOT that hardcore– i just racked up the points in random places like converse shoes and thrift store clothes and what have you.
    who am i kidding… i am SO hardcore. haha i feel like such a geek.


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