first job: yankee peddler.  i made 80 bucks and quit after one day because my boss scared me so bad..he was a drugged up mountain man that yelled at me repeatedly and had a messed up family that was just as irritating..haha
first screen name: gasattack7 and supertone27.  haha then i made bschmidt777 a year later and i still have it.
first funeral: my grandpa
first pet: we used to have a ton of fish
first piercing/tattoo: never got any
first credit card: never had one
first kiss: yet to experience it.  and i’m proud of that.
first true love: Jesus Christ is the definition of true love.
first enemy: i think there’s only one true enemy.
first big trip: probably hilton head when i was 3 (but turned 4 while there)

last car ride: on the way home from school..ahh i went nowhere today.
last kiss: my mom kissed me before she went to bed. haha
last library book checked out:’s been a while.. but i think it was that cassie bernall book
last movie watched: something dumb on comedy central today
last beverage drank: hawaiian punch
last food consumed: pretzels
last phone call: d-tothe-ustin
last cd played: cool hand luke – wake up o sleeper
last POP–not soda drank: cherry coke
last ice cream eaten: i havent had ice cream in so lonnnng..but it was at church a while ago..
last time scolded: my mom told me to do the dishes today
last shirt worn: blue copeland
last website visited: ZAYNGA. hahah (mighty nite lite: ZAYNGADAYNGAAA)

what are you wearing: a gray t-shirt with my blue copeland t-shirt over that with black jeans
drinking: nothing
thinking about: how i’m actually about done with high school
listening to:  my dad’s watching the news really really loudly. 
this might be kinda long. i feel like writing.

yay for my last weekend as a high school student. friday…ohemgee. saturday was good.. i randomly found james and micah at borders and then carrie and andrea and savannah and then hannah.. we went to giant eagle to get a coconut, and jd joined us. then we went to lisa’s and ate the coconut while watching snl and saved by the bell. yesterday i didn’t really do anything besides church. at all.

so this is one reason why friday night hit me so hard. read this from a poste i made on september 8th, 2003:

“okay so it’s 1:15am..i just got home from indiana.  and i still have homework to do..but that seems so unimportant at times like right now.

i’m not sure what it was tonight, but something happened.  the ride home we went in this back way so it was nothing but fields on both sides the entire way.  and i just layed down in the backseat and was able to have 5 1/2 hours of alone time with God..talking to Him, praying with Him, writing songs, listening to songs, just worshipping.  and it felt so good.  seriously SO GOOD.  and about a half hour before we got home.. this overwhelming feeling came over me out of nowhere.  my entire body was covered in chills…tears started bursting out of me..and i got, what i believe, was some type of vision from God or something.  something i’ve never really experienced before.. but i just saw myself playing this worship this huge place..surrounded by people, and we were all worshipping…just joyful and passionate and the music was flowing out of me..and it was one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen..and then i just saw God. and He was hugging me..just hugging me and smiling.  it’s all i could see (it was pitch black in the car).. and it was the most calming yet powerful things i’ve ever experienced.  i really don’t know how to explain it, but wow.  “

okay well.. that represented friday night almost identically. i kid you not, the colors, the light, where the people were, the way it was set up, the feeling i had was all the same. it just clicked and was like God was showing me something big. i’m not just one to make something like that up. and i dont want to share this to make myself look good in any way. i just think it’s a cool story. so yeah.. once again, a confirmation of what i’m supposed to do.

my desire to do this is bigger now than it ever has been and there’s no way i’ll give this up.

i’ve always felt that God was gonna use this year to really show me what He wanted me to do. that night was in the beginning of the year. friday night was the end of it. everything in my life has shifted to a new place. it’s been turned upside down, but in such an amazing way. ahh. i could go on and on forever, but the bell’s gonna ring. if none of this makes sense to you, i’m sorry.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m very happy.


4 thoughts on “

  1. that is so amazing.  hearing his call and finding out what that call really means.  the hard part is doing what he called.  lean on him.  he’ll give you what you need. for me… he always has.


  2. wow..that is really amazing..this is late, and im sure you are already aware of this but you guys were unbelievable on friday..i enjoyed it a lot


  3. Wow Brandon that vision experience sounded awesome.  Ive actually had something like that myself (only it was a dream).  It really shows you that you are in your call and that you are able to listen to His will for your life.  Keep it up. God Rocks.  I hopefully will see you soon. 
    P.S. If you come to the Bible study on thursday…you can see my hair…haha


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