a conversation between me and dustin on the phone:

me: i don’t know what to eat
dustin: food
me: eh
dustin: yeah, how bout metal
me: mm, that sounds good
dustin: have you heard about that guy?
me: no
dustin: his name’s boo.  he eats things
me: hahaha
dustin: ..that isn’t food
me: boo?
dustin: his name’s boot.  he eats glass and airplanes. my high school teacher knew him and he chewed up and swallowed a beer bottle and then worked on a car and an airplane.
me: oh i saw him on ripleys!
dustin: how do you know you have that talent?
me: yeah..i think i’m gonna go eat my lawn mower now.
dustin: mmm, here’s some gas and motor oil to wash it down.

.the end.

One thought on “

  1. ha ha! awesomethat song, blessed be your name, got stuck in my head all day and then i saw you posted it. thought it was niicetabee,~annemarie


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