it’s still weird that i’m not going back to school on monday.  or ever again, other than a final on tuesday. 

last night i celebrated the end of school at lisa’s house, and it was fun.  i’m sad i missed the leadership stuff at berlin center, but i’ll see everyone from there soon hopefully.  at lisa’s we played mario paint and ate food and played cards.. and then we played supermarket sweept at giant eagle.  sara and i disguised the jell-o..muaahahaha.  but we still didn’t win because our item from aisle 9 wasn’t the most expensive……yep.  today i overslept and went to our church workday and hung out with carrie, jess, jd, isaiah, and some little kids..haha it was fun.  then we practiced for sunday morning.  and now it’s time for a survey.


A is for – Age: 18..19 in 2 months..thats weird.
B is for – Boyfriend/Girlfriend: nope.
C is for – Career in Future: something with ministry/art/music
D is for – Dead person you would like to meet: aaliyah and 2pac..haha or maybe not since theyre still alive…how else do you have new cds AFTER your death…
E is for – Essential item to bring to a party: a camera..or taboo..haha
F is for – Favorite song at the moment: i’m really really really liking this is the last time by mae and anything by blindside.  and bethany dillon’s music is really good. 
G is for – Guy/Girls you’ve kissed: zero. baha.
H is for – Hometown: jackson township…i consider that more of my “hometown” than canton or massillon
I is for – Instruments you play: guitar and piano
J is for – Job title: umm..i’m gonna be a bookstore worker in july and august
L is for – Living places: my house…?  in a dorm room with jd come august
M is for – Most memorable moment of the day: getting attacked by three little boys on noah’s ark on my church’s playground.. i still have bite marks on my arm.
N is for – Number of people you’ve dated: zero
O is for – Overnight hospital stay: i don’t remember staying overnight at a hospital ever..but i think when i was a baby i had to.
P is for – Phobias: blood..falling..getting mugged or something in the dark.
Q is for – Quote you like: “scott baio gave someone pinkeye once.” -dustin. haha that was the first thing i thought of..
R is for – Relationship thats lasted the longest: the one i have with Jesus
S is for – Sexuality: mmm..i don’t know what i’m supposed to say..haha
T is for – Time you wake up everyday: it used to be 5:45 when i was in school..i guess i’ll see how that works out now.
U is for – Unique trait(s): you tell me.  i could go on for a long time.
V is for – Vegetable you love: any kind of potatoes..carrots with ranch dip..corn..mmm.
W is for – Worst habit: trying to fix everything
X is for – X-rays you’ve had: i can only remember one on my leg after my go kart accident..haha
Y is for – Yummy food you make: i made good nachos today. mmmmmmmm.
Z is for – Zodiac sign: that got ace of base in my head.  i’m a leo.

->hi, my name is brandon and it’s summertiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.
listening to: the benjamin gate


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