random statements of thought:

+ i’m thankful for air conditioning.
+ i wish i could revisit my childhood when i wanted.
+ it’s starting to hit that it’s summertime.
+ i hope i don’t lose contact with friends i don’t regularly see.
+ i love how God proves time and time again that He is much bigger than technical difficulties.
+ it’d be convenient to have my own car.
+ i’m really not sure how this summer is going to pan out.. but i’m excited.
+ i really like peanuts and cheez-its and pizza and french fries and slushies and milk.  that’s what i’ve consumed throughout tonight. yikes.
+ pictures entertain me a lot.
+ i feel like playing nintendo.
+ i hope i can hang out with people tomorrow.
+ i hope we can practice soon.
+ i want to use the talents God equipped me with to full extent for His glory.
+ i want to feel worship in every aspect of my life and know that is the reason for my existence. and i want make myself remember that worship through music is only a small percentage of a worshipful lifestyle.
+ i’m so excited to see where this path i’m on leads me next.
+ i’ve come to the realization once again that i have the best friends in the planet.  and same with my family.
+ it’s hard that i’m not going to anderson next year.  i’m still so partial to that college.  but i know God is calling me to stay here for now.
+ bethany dillon is so insanely good for her age.  i love that God is using her the way He is.
+ i wish there was some way i could maintain every close relationship i’ve formed at one point or another over the past four years.
+ it makes me sick when people can’t get along.  call me a social optimist.
+ i like xanga.  i’ve had mine for almost 2 years. and nobody else around her had one then.
+ my arms are cold.
+ i love that i have no idea really of what the next few years of my life will be like.  sure, i know a few basics right now, but that’s all.  and for some reason i love that.
+ i feel like singing.

that’s enough for now.
->hi, my name is brandon and i’m going to play mario paint now.
listening to: david crowder band – the lime cd


2 thoughts on “

  1. yay nintendo…yay air conditioning [mine broke…i miss it much] and i hope you’re arms warm up! yup…that is all. have a good day!


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