this has been such a good weeeeeeek. ahh

last night was stinkin’ grool. (great and cool, thanks to the movie i saw today..baha)  i dunno, they are nights like last night that make me smile uncontrollably.  leading worship was so great.. the last few weeks i’ve been struggling a lot with trying to focus on worship while trying to focus on making the music sound okay.. and last night i was completely able to let go and not focus on it at all.  and i know it could show.  and it let God fill our little youth room up so beautifully.  we also went for twice as long as usual.  i don’t know what it was like for anyone else that was there last night, but for me personally, it was amazing.  right after that, we just bowed on our knees in a big circle and prayed.  so peaceful and comforting and humbling.  and then we layed out some ways we want to reach out this summer and wrote them on the wall.. and so i’m excited.  i love my youth group so much. 

taco bell was good too.  i love that i can see the majority of my friends every week at some point.  i introduced geraldine to everyone after church and at taco bell.  if you missed her, sorry.  she is a furry duck that sings.  yeah, that’s right. she is a furry duck that sings. 

tonight i have senior awards and tomorrow i have band practice and then i have parties out the butt this weekend.  haha

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m happy.
listening to: bethany dillon.. i don’t know why, but i can’t stop. is that weird?


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