my feet have become weary from digging my place
    in this comfort, this waiting room, this category of complacency
    under this skin, there are wings waiting in every heartbeat
    trapped in my eyes is a spark overflowing into teardrops

   You etched into me all that You made me to be

   my mind’s become weary from wandering thoughts
   in this question, this waiting room, this category of singularity
   under this skin, there is hope waiting in every heartbeat
   trapped in my head is a picture overflowing into dreams

    but You’ve etched into me all that You made me to be
    and that alone is enough as You lead me through this night.

i’m not sure why i get caught up in nights like tonight.  i can’t describe it.  the way i’m feeling is nobody’s fault… i just feel weird and alone.  i know i’m not, but i can’t escape the imaginary distance that looms around for unknown reason.  maybe i just need a time to let myself take a step back and watch.  maybe i’m just scrounging up random questions abut my life for nothing.  so many thoughts are being triggered.. some that excite me, some that confuse me, some that crush me and some that build me.  i’m not going into detail..but yeah. i don’t know.  but i do know i’m loved.  not just by those around me but by my amazing Creator.  and that He is in control of what happens in my life…that He is the author who knows what chapters go where. please keep me in your prayers. 


thank you zac for making me smile with this:

(max is his 6 year old brother)

AVAIL06: well (max) got a happy meal and i ate one of his nuggets and he got mad and squashed his bag
AVAIL06: then out of nowhere while im watching this horendious ordeal go down…
AVAIL06: (and while laughing histarically)
AVAIL06: he throws it down and stomps on it…
AVAIL06: (not once)
AVAIL06: (not twice)
AVAIL06: and this bag of peaches squirts out everywhere and sprays the walls and the carpet and cocoa~!!!
AVAIL06: and my dad walked in and sent us both to our rooms and i couldnt stop laughin all the way up the steps
AVAIL06: he said-“thats real mature zac, way to go”
AVAIL06: haaha
AVAIL06: i couldnt help it
AVAIL06: max always says (after he gets into trouoble)
AVAIL06: “do you want me to go to my room for a billion gillion years?” and my favorite “You can throw all my toys and cars and bed sheets away”!
AVAIL06: he says stuff like…”sell all my toys and you can have all my moneys!”


->hi, my name is brandon and i love you all.
listening to: five iron frenzy

leave me happy comments.


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  1. yeah… i look at the people in the bible who went through the same trials and even greater ones…  i think that a heart that is searching is a heart that is in the right place bc that is where we find things…i hope i am making sense…  i guess it is hard to get out what i am thinking at the moment…  when you have done all to stand STAND… cuz  there is one who would like you to fall… you are a threat to him…  so i hope you are encouraged maybe  love you brandon… i mean George sorry about that


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