(does anyone read this anymore?)

all i did this weekend was go to parties (and church).  i’m glad i have the best friends and family ever.

friday – band practice 
             dinner with family
             tasha’s grad party
saturday – met up with sarahm/sarahd/jason
                  josh’s surprise birthday party
sunday – churrrrch
                cookout at home
                sarah d’s grad party
                missed maria’s grad party
                grandma’s surprise birthday party
                j-me’s grad party
                had to go home instead of micah’s party

mmm.  yep.  God continues to do awesome stuff in me, and i’m so greatful for that.  i’m still confused without reason for being confused.  but oh well.  i don’t need to have answers right now.  if i did, God would give them.  so yeah.  here are some things i want everyone to know about:

this tuesday night at 6pm at john knox church is jackson’s baccalaureate service for the seniors.  from 6 to 6:30, me/dustin/josh/james will be playing, so come see us.

this wednesday night at 7pm at the canton civic center is jackson’s graduation.  come see us.

saturday, june 12th from 2-5pm at my church is my graduation party.  come see me and make me smile.

okay that’s all for now.  byebye.

->hi, my name is brandon and my stomach hurts.
listening to: mae


11 thoughts on “

  1. haha yes muppets are awesome and i’m not ashamed to say that i still watch them.. and it was nice meeting you on friday tooo


  2. i just realized you have a search the bible thing on the bottom of your xanga..aah thats so cool. Man, if i didnt have to leave, i’d go search it right now.  boooo..hmm maybe next time


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