i like summer.
i like graduation parties.
i like  friends.
i like food.

i don’t like having to drive home alone after spending a whole car ride with jeremy thinking about things that would freak us out while driving.



                           what have we done?
                   we have lessened our thoughts on love
                    some say, there is as many as three
                        but i believe there’s one for me.

                              if God could make the stars in the sky
                           then why cant He make a perfect “you and i”?
                             we shouldn’t even have to try
                              or compromise in our lives

                           and it will feel like summertime
                              when i’m by your side, my skies are blue
                     and i will realize this everytime, my love for you

i believe in the soulmate kind of dreams
                    where even in the trials, we’ll say it’s all worthwhile
                                   and in our lives
                         there’s an orchestra of things
                          both major and minor keys
                            but love will always sing.

and through time, our hearts will melt and mold together
              you know, despite what people say
           i hold to the promise of that day forever.


3 thoughts on “

  1. dude..what if we saw a kkk member riding a bike…dragging an old lady  behind him..and she was wearing a clown mask.


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