when i woke up this morning, i layed in bed for an extra 20 minutes trying not to move because i was so comfortable.  then i went outside to play with my dog and it felt like the weather at the beach.  i like mornings like that.

yesterday was good..church, then jason’s party, then steve’s party, then seeing jessica’s puppy (which is the coolest puppy everrrrrr, even if it is a little retarded), and the drive-in movie where jessica was a lawn gnome and i got sick off redvines and doritos.

church was awesome.  it was kinda sad because they recognized jason on stage and we went up and prayed with him since he leaves next week.  but there were happy parts too.  and funny parts. 

when we were singing “here i am to worship”, on the screen it said “all for love’s sake became poo” (instead of poor). haaahaa

and as our pastor was praying, everything he said started turning into a rhyme..and it kept going accidentally.  it sounded like a poem.  (like on happy gilmore) and then savannnah burst into laughter…and we were in the front row.

my pastor said this quote that made me think a lot:

“do we really love Jesus…or do we just really love to talk about Jesus?”


->hi, my name is brandon and i’m going shopping with my mom today.
listening to: copeland


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  1. hi brandon. if you still want to visit Sarah this summer you ought to drop her an email. she was saying you never write back to her or anything..


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