busy is my middle name. 

actually it isn’t, but it should be.

i haven’t really been on all week.. monday i went to josh p’s grad party and hung out with jd/micah/james.. and got a couple dozen mosquito bites.  tuesday i went out with my mom to get stuff for saturday. and then hung out with sara/jd/jme/val/dustin. fun was had. wednesday i went to cleveland with jason/jd and explored many things.  the power went out during youth group that night.. but it was good.  yesterday i was at my youth group’s garage sale all day, and then jeremy kept me company while i went and did stuff at night.  we listened to out of eden and suffocated from massillon’s poop/fish-filled air.  annnnnd today i worked at the alive office all day.  and tonight i’m setting up for my graduation party.

if you don’t know where that is.. IM me or call me. i will help.

->hi, my name is brandon and i need a haircut.
listening to: cool hand luke (the new album is veryveryvery good. go get it.)


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