something awesome happened tonight.  i’ll keep it kind’ve short since i know some people don’t like reading long posts.

the past few days i’ve been in a huge dry spell.  just thirsty for God to rain down on me and i couldn’t get myself to feel anything.. so i decided to look up scriptures.. i tried to focus on words but still the numbness kept on.  not knowing what to do, i just asked God to somehow speak to me.  a cool hand luke song popped in my head.  not thinking about it, i went and found the new album i got last week.. i began reading lyrics and saw that every song had scriptures marked within the lyrics that it pertained to.  at least half of the songs were as if they came straight out of my heart..and they all pointed to places in His word that allowed God to speak to me in such a way that i needed so badly tonight.  thankYouJesus.

ask God to teach you..and He will.

         [and i will keep on singing because You hear me.
          and i will keep on smiling because You’re near me.
                               i’ll sleep well on a promise tonight.]


3 thoughts on “

  1. Cool Hand Luke always does something for me.  It reminds me that there are still people out there with a passion for God who aren’t afraid to show it and sing about it.  That love is infectious… that passion is infectious.  They’re doing great things for God, and it certainly shows.


  2. i was there with people from east market street church of God, they are the cleveland TN version. their camp meeting is at first church of the nazarene on 30th st in canton, every night this wk at 7.


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