i will dance,
i will sing,
to be mad for my King.
nothing, Lord, is hindering this passion in my soul.

two nights down..three to go for alive 2004.  you can see my entries and pictures on the alive site.  sorry for the cheeziness of my journals on that.  but oh man.. God is just doing really really good things inside of me.  it’s so awesome how He will break you down time and time again, only to make you realize how much you need Him.  that’s what’s been happening with me, and i entered this week just hungry for anything and everything from Him.  and i think a large thing i’m supposed to be learning right now is that there is no reason for me to hold back any longer.  i’ve realized that my biggest downfall is that i just hold myself back so much, most of the time without even realizing.  but if i’m going to accomplish what i feel i’m called to do in this life, i have to be bold.  i have to break out, and i have to not care anymore.  nothing matters in this world but Him and Him alone.  i’m going full force from this point forward.  please pray for me.

->hi, my name is brandon and i really do love Jesus with all my heart.
listening to: mars ill (haha from a gotee records sampler i got today)


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