i know it’s long..but please read this post.

i am renewed.

alive was so great.  not just because of band performances.. not just because of the amazing friends i got to spend time with.. not just because of just pure fun i had.. but because of how stinking much (no pun intended..ha) God worked in my heart and how much i realized. 

like i said before, i am full force form this point forward.  i won’t let myself hold back any longer.  my time with God will no longer be filled with empty words.  i am going to love Jesus, not just singing or talking about Him.  i am going to leave an imprint of light in this dark world, because God has repeatedly laid it on my heart and said in His word that i am supposed to get out there and work for His glory. 

dear Father..held up by doubts, i crashed into a wall.  searching for answers, i was ready to fall.  but then i remembered.. how could i forget that day when You changed my heart and showed me my way?  and now that my fire has returned, feel free to ignite my heart and watch it burn.  in the shadow of Your amazing grace, You showed me how to live and I finally found my place. for the rest of all days, keep this fire ablaze.  my one true desire is to carry out Your will.  i hear You calling.  this empty life is Yours to fill.  i’ll never know the price payed by you.  Lord, living for You is the least i can do.  i thought i was fine, but You wanted more.  i’m not ready to fly, i’m ready to soar.  please Jesus, help me keep this fire ablaze.

here am i, all of me.
take my life, it’s all for Thee.

this isn’t about a fake spiritual high.
this isn’t about that “good Jesus feeling”.
this isn’t about me at all.

please keep me in your prayers.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Amen! Alive was indeed completely amazing….something I desperately needed. I loved it…despite the mud. It was so awesome getting to hang out with you guys again…hopefully I’ll see you all at IYC…God bless!-Katir-


  2. right on. i love you and i love you’re genuine desire to know Christ more and its an encouragement to me like no other im so blessed to have you not only as a bandmate in serving Him but as a best friend too. we’re so gay.


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