yesterday i went swimming with dustin and jd…i got burnt.  but oh man, it was nice.  josh and tasha showed up, too.  yayy.

last night during bible school, while we were singing, things began blowing at the window like crazy.  i looked out, and the sky was turning completely black.  (it was sunny and nice two minutes before this.)  we moved cabinets in front of the windows and told the kids it was just getting late and so it was dark.  after learning there was a tornado warning, we moved all the kids into inner sturdy rooms.  while the adults were freaking out, the kids were singing “be strong and courageous” together, not knowing anything.  but the storm finally passed..

then i went outside with jess.. the sunset was breaking through the clouds and made everything glow in an unreal intensity.. the raindrops looked yellow.. and we looked to the other side of the church and there was a full double rainbow that kept gaining brightness as we watched it.  ahh, God makes things so beautiful.

->hi, my name is brandon and i look burnt…or dead.
listening to: copeland ..their version of “take my breath away” could beat up jessica simpson’s version any day.


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