okay, i have a favor to ask of you, my Christian friends.

i need prayer.

i think i’m in the midst of something big… but i don’t know where to go.  i don’t know what’s totally right, but i know huge plans are written for me in my Creator’s hands, as we all do.  but it’s down to the point where i have to know.  i feel so torn.. but so excited. so confused, but so amazed.  i don’t know.  thank you though for any of your prayers.  i’ve just hit a desperate point and i need to be led in one direction or the other very soon. 

it’s weird..

i’m so confused.
so emotionally tired.
so physically out of whack.
but spiritually, so ready and eager to serve my Jesus.

all that i am is Yours, Father.  but i need guidance. grab my hand, pull me in Your direction, and give me clarity.


dreams and aspirations falling just beyond a reach
   a dream of running in Your ways, a dream of clarity
       never good at the game of choice, am i wrong or right?
          what exactly is my struggle in this weary, weary fight?

it’s gotten to the point where it’s more than i can take
    tensions of a tied up heart so fragile it could break
        is it the flesh taking over? is something breaking through?
             i’m at my wit’s end with this puzzle, Father
                 let me fix on You

               to take a breath; to say the words; to set my eyes on You
               to make a step in one with You
                     show me what to do

                i’m crying out
                     i’m calling out
                           i’m letting out
                               all of me to You


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