read this and leave me comments because i love you.

1.What is your full name:   brandon james schmidt
2.When was the last time you showered?:  this morning
3. What color pants do you have on right now?: blue-ish
4.What song are you listening to right now: one that we taped tuesday night at doesn’t have a name, but it makes me happy
5.What was the last thing that you said?: “STOP BARKING AT ME.”
6.What was the last thing that you ate?: chicken and noodles
7.If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: sky blue or granny smith apple or midnight blue or red-orange.
8.Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?: the beach
9.Single or taken?: single.
10.How’s the weather right now? amazing
11.whats da time:? DA time is 8:07pm.
12.Backstreet Boys or N Sync?: plus one. bahaha
13.What did you do last night? met dustin at the mall and saw josh and lisa (whom i hadn’t seen in decades).. then met my family at a restaurant..then got sick and came home and watched “i love the 90’s.”
14.Last person that you talked to on the phone? D to the ustin
15.Who do you look up to?: Jesus Christ.. my parents and siblings..and several others
16.Do you like the person that sent this to you?: i stole it from ashuhley.  she’s all right..i guess.  (jaykay)
17.How are you today?:  overwhelmed..confused..sick..bored..but happy and thankful.
18. How do you eat an Oreo?: i take a bite out of it and proceed to eat it like i would any other type of cookie.
19.Fave CD?: i don’t have one..but lately i’ve been listening to a lot a lot of random music.. like blindside, bethany dillon, five iron frenzy, david crowder, out of eden, grits, and larue.  (stop making fun of me. haha)
20. Who do u have a crush on at this point in time?:  martha stewart and the snapple lady
21. What makes you happy?: all true joy is because of God.
22.Nicknames?: brandy, b-rock, bean burrito, gorg, bwandon, and i don’t know what else. wow, i have lame nicknames. hah
23.What color of underwear are you wearing?: black and gray..haha i had to check.
24.Hair color?: brown
25.Eye color?:  hazel
26.Height?:  6’2-ish
27.Any piercings? : no
28.Siblings and ages?: jen (25) and adam (22)
29.What school do you attend?: none currently.. i will decide within the next week or so though where i will be.
30.Who do you consider to be your good friends?:  those people..and those people…and that person and that person.. and some others.  you know who you are.
31.What do you like to do?: see my friends, praise my Jesus, go to my church, play music for Jesus, write music for Jesus, go to concerts, play on playgrounds, make art.
33.What was the best advice ever given to you?:  i don’t know.. i tend to take a lot in, but nothing in particular sticks out.
34.What are your future goals?:  follow Jesus. that’s all i really know right now. and i think i like it.
35.What is your favorite type of music?: goodness..i like lots.  i think it takes longest for me to get sick of alternative-ish rock stuff. ahh i sound dumb.
36.Favorite food?:  cheese and chicken and tacos and noodles and bread..ahhhhhhh
37.Who is the funniest person that you know?: haha that question made me laugh because i started thinking of everyone who makes me laugh and it was this weird overwhelming picture of all my friends and family telling me a joke at the same time.  moving onnnnnn. 
38.Fave movie?: i don’t have onnnnnne.  but school of rock is funny. and i don’t even like jack black.
39.favorite day?: saturdays and sundays 2 dance: hahaha
42.Are you too shy to ask someone out?:  i wouldn’t really know
43.favorite store to shop at? eeeek.  i like a lot of stores.  but i’m gonna go with borders or berean.
44.If you could change your name, what would it be?: Noah.  haha i’m going to name my kid that, i promise.
45.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: nope
46.Have you ever been in love?: other than finding the love in Jesus, no.
47. fave drink: kool aid
48.Flowers or candy?: candy..but only certain candy.
49.Do you like scary or happy movies better?: happy movies are good.  scary movies are fun to laugh at.
50.Net/On the phone: person.  but the internet is convenient.  and the phone bothers me.
51.Do you smoke?: ya   (hah psyyyche.)
52.Summer or winter?:  both.. well, summer and Christmas time
54.Current Residence?: my house
55.First movie you ever saw?: i think it was the never ending story when i was a year old.  on the way home, i was singing the theme song and it was the first song i ever sang. it freaked my family out or something.
58.Any special talents?: i don’t know
59.Are you homey, preppy, hick, etc..? oh i’m so emo.  but kinda homey too.  ..hahaha.
60.favorite town to chill in?  i miss nashville..and denver..and orlando..and myrtle beach.
2.Loudest person?: allison
63.What do you look for in the opposite sex? a relationship with God.. and a desire to make that relationship deeper and deeper.. and someone who boldly acts on their faith.  yep.
64. what would you name your first son?  noah. haha
65.First daughter?: i think i like alexandra or alexis…i like the name bethany..but i would never call her beth. haha.. i don’t know. 
66.Do you believe in God? yes
67.Do you believe in Luck?: i don’t think so.  God orchestrates things for a reason.
68.Do you believe in yourself?: depends what i’m doing, i guess.
69.Coke or Pepsi? pepsi
70.1 pillow or 2?: at least two
72.TV or Radio?: teevee
74.When was the last time you cried?: today when i sliced an onion.  hah or maybe not.
75.Do you have a tattoo? nope
76.What’s your room like?: it’s finally actually cleeeeeean.
77. What’s your biggest fear?: hmm..i don’t like tornados much.. or falling from a large height.. i don’t like lots of blood.. i think i’m afraid of hospitals.  and i don’t want to get robbed. (the majority of the houses on my street and around the corner got robbed on tuesday.. i guess we were lucky.)
78.What’s your family like?: they make me laugh a lot.  they’re very supportive. they want to know everything about me.  they’ve influenced me more than anyone else since i was born.
79.What’s the best thing that happened to you today?: oh man.  there’s no way i can explain it in just a little survey question.  but it just happened.  and wow.  i stand (sit) in awe.
81.Who knows the most about you? hmm..i’d say my family.  and friends that i can open up to for hours like dustin or jessica or mikkele or the rest of you (you know who you are.) 
82.Who has it easier, girls or guys?: haha oh em gee, i’m glad i’m a freaking male.
83.What are your plans for marriage?: to marry the absolute coolest girl in the world when God shows me who it is in a big happy worship-oriented wedding.
84.What are your plans for tonight?: watch movies and write thankyou cards and feel better and sleep.
85.where were you born?: aultman hospital
86.Do you drink?: yes, you can die of thirst. but i’ve never tried alcoholic drinks.
87.Shampoo or Conditioner?:  i would quote billy madison but i don’t feel like it.
88.Have you ever gone skinny dipping?:   nooooooo. siiicccccck perverrrrts. you make fun of people?:  that is one of the things i hate myself for most when it happens.
90. Your most embarassing moment? um…any time my voice may have cracked while playing in front of any number of persons at some point in my life. 
91.Have you ever been convicted of a crime? no
92.Pets?: a miniature weiner dog named oscar mayer who ACTUALLY LIKES ME NOW (on good days).
93.Do you get along with your parents?: yeah
94.What’s your bed time?: lately whenever i pass out
95.Favorite subject in school?: portfolio and drawing and painting
96.Worst subject in school? chemistry and ap history.  aaack.
97.Favorite sport to watch?: cheerleading.  haha not really..but i find it entertaining when people argue about whether cheerleading is a sport or not because nobody really cares except for those couple people.
98.Word that describes you:  joyful
99.Would you ever sleep with the person that sent this? that’s it..i’m done.


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