my birthday is in a week.

and my xanga’s second birthday is tomorrow.


time for pictures:


playing in the aftermath of a freak wind storm (isaiah, zac, me, carrie, andrea)

waiting to go to waffle house in the middle of the night


before one of the services

puppywuppybejooboosheebo downtown

the hard rock cafe (opening your eyes is for sissies.)

me in the girl’s room

(last weekend)

me + val’s glasses = yikes

j-me, megan, val, me, and zac watching richard marx

sarah, zac, savannah, and i at fazolis

i like to make people wave.

the end.


2 thoughts on “

  1. TODAY IS JULY 20! When you started your xanga, brandon, you were just 16 going on 17! WOW! How the years have flown. We were headed into our junior years of high school (we had only known each other like a lil less than a year) Now two years later, I’ve known you almost three years (YAY) and we’re headed off to college, and in a week you will be one year shy of not being a teen any more!! SCARY! But hey buddy I love you so much and I am so happy sarah introduced us and we started hangin out (even if i thought you were gay at first) I realize how important friendships with christian people are, and you have been such an important person in my life. It’s awesome to know that one day we will be together forever (IN HEAVEN!!) Never ever forget all the crazy times we have had together….going on dates to taco bell! LOL just hanging out at walmart or at your house watching dumb dumb videos watching fireworks in the park going to DQ awesome worship times watching earnest angesly on new years eve silly birthday parties for me! BRANDON I LOVE YOU and I’m gonna miss you this fall but we have to stay in touch maybe you should even come visit me once or something like that! it would be nice!
    -Yours Truly…Sarah D


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