happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear xanga of mine,
happy birthday to you.

and many morrrrrre

on channel four.
and scooby doo on channel two.
and g.i. joe on hbo.
and highway to heaven on seventy-seven.
and larry king live on thirty-five.

tonight i bought a cool watch for eight bucks.
jd and i went to shoe stores. 
we tried on basketball high tops.  and i jumped a lot.
i met people in the mall.
i finally went in red lobster.  for some reason they renamed it hollister.
i got a snowcone maker in the mail today.

in recent news of brandon’s wrist… i have retired the watch and wwjd bracelet that i wore so wonderfully for the past 6 years.  they have been replaced with a new watch and a cross that isaiah gave me.  haha i can’t believe i just typed this.


6 thoughts on “

  1. my poor poor watch, he’s retired, after all those fun times u had together. whatever will he do now? can I atleast say good bye to him sometime? haha ok i’m done now lol but your new watch better be something special or i’ll be upset lol j/k


  2. no more wearing the bracelet that i would always glimps at and think…. that says JD .. it is mine.
    whatever shall i do.


  3. are you kidding…..it loves me. duh hahahaha well Happy B-day and you are right you are the longest running xanga i know but beware i will fing one and you’ll owe me a nickle…..or whatever the bet was i cant remember…..thats not good. lol. love ya much


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