arg…people.  stupidstupidstupid things.  oh well.


i want to do something fun for my birthday. who’s with me? (it’s on monday.)


in other news:
yay yay yay!


5 thoughts on “

  1. yah i dont know you..but i know alot of people who you happen to know. and well we have the same birthday..and yah i just thought that was interesting, probably more than you find it to be. so ill just be going now. but, happy birthday anyway.


  2. my name is rachel..i dont think ive ever met you. but i used to be good friends with fallon and jamie..and then became friends with katie and megan and j.d. and dustin. so we know some of the same people and i was reading their journals and found yours..and yes i discovered we share the same day of birth and thought that was interesting.


  3. i think that we shouldn’t do anything fun for your birthday, u should be bored and lonely, and then it will be an original day unlike all the rest. haha just kidding!!!!!


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