i have so much i want to say, but i don’t know where to start. i guess i’ll just say what comes out.  i’m falling asleep though.

it frustrates me that i constantly look forward to the end of the week, and then i don’t want my summer to be over. 

i want to thank everyone for the prayer.  i’ve finally made up my mind.  for now, i’ll be at malone for sure.  maybe it’ll last a semester, maybe it’ll last four years.  i just don’t know.  i want so badly to go to anderson.  i just don’t really care about malone.  but God has called me to certain things here that i’m not ready to leave. i’m taking this one day at a time, and leaning on my faith in God to lead me daily through this amazing life.

i’ve been learning a lot about God.  not just the Father, but the entire Trinity.  cuh-razy stuff, kids.

do not ever watch the 80’s movie “ghost story.”  you will be scarred for life.

i’m seeing the president of the country in the morning.  i think i’d be excited if i wasn’t so tired.  yeah, i like bush.  sorry if that bothers you, but i still like him.

i got contacts.  and new glasses.  and a new camera.  and a haircut.

i want to go to the beach.

jessica has the best dogs ever.

i’m not good with contacts yet. at all.

i can’t stop listening to spoken’s latest album.

i’m working on redesigning this page.

annnnnd..the end.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m exhausted.
listening to: spoken



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  1. brandon where have you been all my life! ha. well before i leave for ccad i wanna hang out with ya, and see your new haircut! hope your bday was awesome and that malone is good to you.


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