this has gone on long enough. 

it’s time to live again.
                      it’s time to move again.

so here i go,
holding onto the arms of my Creator as tight as i can
(and bringing others with me)
with a smile on my face,
with a song bursting from within,
and with the heavens cheering me on,
joyfully searching for the footsteps He made for me to plant my feet into
so i don’t get lost.

with my eyes on Him, i won’t be lost.
(there’s my problem.)

|  hi, my name is brandon and i’ve been dreaming of an awakening. |


6 thoughts on “

  1. i feel i could learn so much from you. i want to be good for Him, but i can’t seem to be. maybe it’s the confines of a religious school that have hardened my heart, or maybe it’s something inside my head; whatever it is is stopping me from being the best i can be. you have a wonderful site, and you sound like a equally wonderful person. i only wish i had the faith you seem to be able to write about so freely. 😀


  2. i know i don’t know you but you seem like an artist, i always went to Catholic school but  I never really appreciated it and you site has opened a door inside me. I tried going to mass today so thanks.


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