i’m liking college life a lot. 

i’m realizing just how huge my desire to do whatever i can for God really is.  i’m just happy to know that the only desire that really matters is to serve Him.  i like that i don’t have to have some retreat or convention or revival to still feel on a spiritual high and to want so badly to be used by Him.  please don’t think i’m trying to make myself look good by saying that at all.  i’m just really glad for this.

orientation’s finally over.  i know we all complained about it, but i really did enjoy it.  tonight i went out with j-me and my new friend lee after “the main event” and (within about an hour and a half) we saw zac, lisa, josh, chad, ali, tasha, brian, kt, megan, brandon n, jd, shawn, val, and i think i forgot some.  but it made me happy.  and i got to introduce lee to a lot of my friends. 

i’m going home tonight since i have to be at church early.  and hopefully tomorrow i’ll get to do some stuff at church and buy the rest of the stuff i need for college. 

i love you all. a lot.

hi, my name is brandon and you all need to watch the new teen girl squad.


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