kerry is full of it.  go bush.

in other news: the poopsmith song is sweeping the nation.  IM me if you want to know more.

and in more news: say goodbye to this design..i’m changing it.


i hate when i miss people, but i’m not sure i can do anything about it.

today i was walking to class and it was raining leaves.  i keep forgetting it’s not summer anymore.  but then i keep thinking it’s Christmas.  whatisgoingonnnnnnnnn.

i have a whole new layout planned and lots of amazing pictures for this xangalanga…but stupid malone internet doesn’t let me upload pictures for some reason.  oh well.

i should be reading 30 chapters of exodus and leviticus for my old testament class in a half hour.  annnnnnnd i’m not. 

but now i am. bye, leave me comments.


i like mute math a lot.  you should too.
(for anyone that would know.. it’s made of members from earthsuit.)

check it, sucka.

today consisted of the following:

watching soap operas, maury povich, and judge hackett with matt,
falling asleep in old testament class,
eating dinner and getting sick,
eating at late night and not getting sick,
watching the sunset and taking pictures by myself,
doing devotions,
hanging out with sarah and matt in the girls lounge,
exploring downtown with dustin late at night,
listening to a lot of cool hand luke and chris tomlin,
and most of all.. putting off all my homework until 2am.

i can count to purple backwards.