current annoyance:  someone a few rooms down playing guitar REALLY REALLY REALLY loud with horrible distortion and 3 chords at the most over and over with no continuity or rhythm.

oh em gee. somebody please make it stop.

edit: after sitting here and wishing the noise would go away, my door out of nowhere slammed shut.  no joke.  i’m freaked out.

the youth room’s almost finished.



sorry those aren’t working..

how’s everyone doing?

5 thoughts on “

  1. i see you don’t return comments, ah! well luckily it can’t be me sucking because i am not a guy, but wait until next week when i bring my guitar woo hoo! haha!


  2. hey verythings going ok here pretty much….i really appriciate u sending me things and writing to me even tho we dont know eachother that well i appriciate it im sorry i cant respond to all of them im not on alot anymore cuz of school…..hows things w/u?     ttyl 


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