i’m going home for the weekend.  so if anyone wants to do something, you can actually call me at home where the phone works.

last night i got to hang out with jason, lee, jme, dustin, and SARRRAHHHHHH, whom i hadn’t seen in what felt like decades.  it was just like old times and i loved it.  we went and saw the boys of madison east..then met jd and searched for a huge slip and slide.  and then we played cards outside until almost two o’clock.  i needed last night.

i have a lot to do for the young adult service.  it starts a week from tomorrow night. you’re all welcome to come.

hi, my name is brandon and tompkins crinkles when he walks.



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  1. hehe…That’s ok Brandon, you don’t have to know me; we’re all bros and sisters of our glorious God, and yes…there was a time that these words I post would not have ever come out of me, but Glory be to God, I praise him soooooooo much for turning me around!  Every day is a new day; every breath I take seems unworthy.  I love my savior and I want to shout it from the roofs, I look all around me and I want to brake down in cry, and all I’m looking at is the sun…but that is enough to make me feel very privileged to be on his Earth.  Maybe it’s just the born-again…talking in me; but he is so amazing, and he has done so much in my life in the past months that it just makes me cry, and he does make me stand in awe EVERY day!  I love him!


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