CLICK ON THIS LINK to see a flyer for something everyone should go to that’s a senior in high school through mid-twenties. 


and then spread the news like wildfire.


(ask me if you want more info.)


5 thoughts on “

  1. I miss you brandon. I’ve been watching for you on campus. Sadly, I’m only on campus Tues/Thurs, so yeah…it’s hard for me to find people sometimes. We’ll run into each other…I know it.
    I hope to see ya soon my friend,


  2. hey, i think we ARE in the same 2d class…..haha
    you’re kinda quiet though…. but i’m sure once you’re here for awhile you’ll talk more–everybody does. it’s cool because all of us artists become like a big family. too fun. by the way, how’d you find my xanga site?


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