shaken was good.  God is doing some cool stuff with it.  you guys should check it out.

i would say it’s funny how God works things out..but it’s not funny.  it’s not an ironic funny either.  i know that God is here for me, and i know that i should be able to fully rely on Him, but for some reason i forget that. a lot.  there are serious things i’ve worried about in my life that God has so awesomely worked out by grace and guidance.  and i’m thankful.

in my ministry class at school, we talked a lot about meditation and distractions.  and i realized how much i let stuff distract me.  which other words, i let the enemy take my eyes away from where they should be.  time to stop that.

also.. if anyone is reading this and thinks i hate them or something, stop thinking that. because it isn’t true.  (i’ve heard this is the case a lot of times when people may not know me well.)  i know i say “i love you all” a lot.  but i’m really trying to learn what unconditional love means, and loving people no matter what stupid issue i might have in my head, what stupid issue someone else might have in their head, whether i’m identical or nothing like someone, or whatever the case may be.  we’re told to love our neighbors as ourselves.  and i really do want to do that.  i don’t just mean acceptance, but trying to show people i love them, and not letting myself ever get in the way of that.


i have a lot that i feel like telling.  but no desire to type.  so nevermind.


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