i hate when i miss people, but i’m not sure i can do anything about it.

today i was walking to class and it was raining leaves.  i keep forgetting it’s not summer anymore.  but then i keep thinking it’s Christmas.  whatisgoingonnnnnnnnn.

i have a whole new layout planned and lots of amazing pictures for this xangalanga…but stupid malone internet doesn’t let me upload pictures for some reason.  oh well.

i should be reading 30 chapters of exodus and leviticus for my old testament class in a half hour.  annnnnnnd i’m not. 

but now i am. bye, leave me comments.



5 thoughts on “

  1. leave me comments? what’s up with that? i spend hours of my time coming up with clever and often funny entrees to enduce people to leave heart-felt comments and you think a little rude “leave me comments” is worthy?just for that i’m going to intentioanlly NOT leave a comment!


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