tonight my mom said, “pimp my ride is on!”

later my dad said “get channel’s a mexican mullet! HAHA!”


my parents are awesome.


i smell like fire.

tonight i was reunited with the one and only beefsmith.

i worshipped Jesus.
i laughed a lot.
i told people startling stories.
i laughed a lot.
i hurt my ankle while leaping and skipping with dustin.
i laughed a lot.
i hurt my hand imitating a girl that fell off a chair and tried to play it off by skipping away.
i laughed a lot.

there’s more, but i got bored typing.

i like having fun. a lot a lot.


i’m feeling somewhat better today. 

here are some thoughts:

i made myself sit down at the piano and put some music to lyrics i’ve had for several days.  it’s the first song i’ve written in a long time, and it felt good.

i wonder when the world will realize that saying “get ‘er done” is NOT funny.  and it NEVER will be.

i can’t figure out what it is about Christmas music that i love so much.

i got the michael buble Christmas cd at the library, hoping for something new and unique.  but it’s not.  blast.

there’s an eclipse tonight at 8:00.  i can’t decide if i should watch that or tv.

i hate not being motivated to do schoolwork.  even when it’s something that i like to do.  i have an alphabet project for my 2d that needs done.  i made all the letters into trees.  buttt i’m lazy today.

this thing i have is supposedly gonna come and go for the next three to six weeks.  that’s a long time to not know if at any given time i’ll be healthy or wanting to vomit from being dizzy. 

i talked to God for a while today.  and that was good.  then i played Him some music.  that was good too. 

i’m gonna go watch more tv.  the dizziness is currently coming instead of going.

i don’t wanna say so long
to the times You made me so strong
to feel You close is what I need most
can i just say that i’ve missed You?

i don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.
i don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.
i don’t think you’re ready for this.
my body’s too bootilicious for you, babe.

man, i wish i could write good songs like that.

i’m sick and i just woke up.  my ears are clogged, i’m so dizzy i can’t walk, i wonder if i’m gonna puke, and last night i had a fever. blast.

but…today is still the day that the Lord has made, and I’ll still rejoice and be glad in it.  yay.

i’ve learned that when i feel like i’m all alone and God is nowhere near, it’s most likely because i’m not letting it be any other way. if i was supposed to know my future, God would’ve made me able to know.  i doubted so much, for no reason at all.  such good things are happening with my life, and i’d be missing it if i wasn’t led to stay here. 

i thought i lost sight in what i thought i knew for so long, but i’ve only gained new insight into just what God’s up to with me.

i have no idea what the rest of my life looks like, but i’ve come to like it that way.

and so i rest in the wonder of my God.
watching, waiting, willing, i’m ready.
this is my countdown to breakout. 

playing in the rain is my favorite.  especially when accompanied by kaite, jd, josh, megan, val, and lisa.  i also like eating cookies and being waited on by sheldon from wake up wakefield.


this is overdue.. but i love this kid:

happy belated birthday, jeremyyyy.