okay, okay..i’ll keep it.  for now. 

this weekend’s been fun.  friends make me happy. 

i’d appreciate it if you guys could pray for everything going on at my church tomorrow throughout the day.. i’m playing in the morning.. then leading at our youth rally in the afternoon.. and then the shaken service at night (which you should come to).  just pray that everything goes smoothly and that I’m able to let God use me in the best way possible.  thaaankyou.

tonight a new debbie downer was on, and i hope the whole world saw it. 



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  1. thanks. we had a great time and brought two kittens home with us (from her parents’ house, not Canada). it’s really nice to settle down and have a place to call home now. btw, i’ll be at the Java House Oct 22, along with Sarah for the wkend; you’re welcome to come that Friday night and bring some friends.


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