i’ve found a peace with my life that i haven’t known in at least a year. 
i like it.

i learned that i hate uncertainty when it comes to my life.
i learned that i hate curiosity.
i learned that i hate when i can’t trust.
i learned that i hate when i can’t find my faith.
but for some weird reason (weird to me at least), I was made this way for a reason.
who knows why, but it’s not my place to know.
i love that i find my imperfections daily.
though i can’t stand them, i’m happy with the fact that i have them for some reason, and that He gives me the strength and power to overcome them.
i’m so excited for my life. 
not only the future, not only the past, but for right now.
i’ve begun to actually make an effort to pick up my cross and follow at the beginning of every day, eager for what is ready for me.
i love realizing that God was using me, when many times i had no idea.
i love the people in my life. 
i love the events of my life.
i love where i am in life.
i love where i see myself later in this life.
and beyond that.

i don’t know where this was supposed to lead.  i just felt like saying it.
the end.

7 thoughts on “

  1. yay! thanx for letting me sing with you….it always fun, even when though we didn’t completely wing it this time lol. AND I’m extremely excited that you and matt and everyone else are going to anderson now….makes me happy. haha have a good one! -Katir-


  2. Friday SHeri and I are going to the fooball game…haha…if you wanna go? It should be interesting…
    Then I dunno…I’ll let you know though Im working this weekend but yeah I definately wanna see ya and tell you stories….whoa nelly


  3. That’s cool.  What subject for toutoring?  (Did I spell that right?  I think I need a toutor for spelling).  And what would you get to do for alive?  Man, I can’t belive I missed alive this past year.  I came home one weekend and drove past Clay’s and was like, “what on earth is going on?”  duh.  Life’s like that some times though, huh?  🙂


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