umm..hi.  i really feel posting, but i don’t know why.

i guess i just feel like telling the world how great my (our) God is. 

yep.  i said it.  God is good.  all the time.  whether we want to believe it or not, God is good.  He’s faithful.  He’s my best friend.  He is the painter filling up this empty canvas with each day as one more brush stroke, making something that to me, is the most abstract and distorted thing in the world.  but to Him, it’s perfect and beautiful.  He is who i reach towards the second i feel any emotion..whether, it be excited, elated, confused, depressed, uneasy, frustrated, calm, or whatever else.  He has stuck by my side through all the times i’ve doubted, recommitted, and then doubted again.  still, He remains to be my unfailing love.  if anyone is sick of reading my ramblings about God, i don’t care.  because i’m not about to be silent. 

praise You, God, of earth and sky;
how beautiful is Your unfailing love.
and You never change.
God, You remain the Holy One.
You’re my unfailing love.


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  1. yea, sometimes i feel so unlovely i am clueless to how someone so awesome could just want my affection. blows my mind everytime how he’s always there. thanks for the uplifting post


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