i try not to be one for wishing away the here and now..but seriously.  i wish it was Christmas.

yesterday i took a disney princess personality test on the sleeping beauty dvd and i learned my personality is most like ariel.  she was always my favorite.  even if she is a flooze.

today my mom wanted me to dust.  so i dusted.  i’m allergic to dust.  it wasn’t fun.

i’m on a saving-money rampage, and i’m missing shows by bands like roper and the evan anthem and jamie collum and switchfoot.  shows are money machines.  but they can’t fool me. (copeland is playing next month, yay!)

i like bonfires. 

and i miss friends.

the end.


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  1. hey, don’t worry about it. it was a really sparse crowd Friday night. next time i think Chuck will book me with a local act to ensure a better turnout. and unless I get a new show booked in the area i won’t be back until January 28. That’s when I’ll be at the Java House again. are you still performing as a 3 piece band or doing any solo performances?


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