i’m feeling somewhat better today. 

here are some thoughts:

i made myself sit down at the piano and put some music to lyrics i’ve had for several days.  it’s the first song i’ve written in a long time, and it felt good.

i wonder when the world will realize that saying “get ‘er done” is NOT funny.  and it NEVER will be.

i can’t figure out what it is about Christmas music that i love so much.

i got the michael buble Christmas cd at the library, hoping for something new and unique.  but it’s not.  blast.

there’s an eclipse tonight at 8:00.  i can’t decide if i should watch that or tv.

i hate not being motivated to do schoolwork.  even when it’s something that i like to do.  i have an alphabet project for my 2d that needs done.  i made all the letters into trees.  buttt i’m lazy today.

this thing i have is supposedly gonna come and go for the next three to six weeks.  that’s a long time to not know if at any given time i’ll be healthy or wanting to vomit from being dizzy. 

i talked to God for a while today.  and that was good.  then i played Him some music.  that was good too. 

i’m gonna go watch more tv.  the dizziness is currently coming instead of going.

i don’t wanna say so long
to the times You made me so strong
to feel You close is what I need most
can i just say that i’ve missed You?

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  1. yeah– it’s difficult to rehearse and keep a band going with different schedules and everything. it’s good to hear about the college worship service though. i hope that is going well, and congrats on the new song!


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