there are two kinds of people in this world: those that like closure and


my Christmas-ness has kicked into full gear.  now it’s time to decorate the house.

one day my house will look like this:

sorry, i know you’re all sick of me and holiday cheer.

but that isn’t gonna stop me. 
seasons greetings.

it’s snowing!
happy Christmas kick-off day.


give thanks with a greatful heart
give thanks to the Holy One
give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ for us
and now, let the weak say i am strong
let the poor say i am rich
because of what the Lord had done for us
give thanks

i just spent all morning at my high school.  i enjoyed it. haha how weird..

so God is definitely blessing me.  november seemed like such a dark time for me, but i’m understanding why.  now, a lot of new things are happening, and i’m getting excited.  i’m excited to get to anderson next year.  it’s time for me to just get out of my world and see new things.  i won’t be content until i’m able to do that.  i’m not happy at malone.  i just do not like it there, and i think it stems from the fact that i need out, and i need to get on with my life now.  i’ve remembered just how much i love art and want to do graphic design, but at the same time God has really laid my calling into ministry through music back into where it should be.  everything just feels like it’s going in the right direction.  i have the opportunity now of being hired by the alive festival and doing their new magazine, and i’m really excited for it.  Christmas is here, my whole family gets to be together, it’s supposed to snow tonight, i love my friends, my church is great, i cleaned my room, and God’s arm is wrapped around my shoulders. 

here’s a song i wrote my junior year that i like a lot and that pertains to now:

the world, Your canvas
creation, Your art
my life, my face
details perfectly placed
not just a spec
splashed into the sea
but a will and a plan
for insignificant me

a cluttered life, my blindness
a lost boy, Your son
a willing heart for You
beating so hard it’s turning blue
a wondering mind
with open arms, He wants to find
a way to live without a doubt
that life is finally figured out

i feel like i’ve been here with my arms stretched over miles
ready to fly, could You open my eyes?

knit my heart
and thread my wings
as You paint the beauty of things unseen

i’m sorry for my zeal or lack of any
break me, fill me, the burdens are many
what i am, i give to You
for You alone make all things new

i like copeland.  a lot.
i like my friends even more.

tonight i went to the show in akron with jeremy and steve.  jd and val went without us…bah! but steve was gracious enough to save jeremy and i since i had no gas or money to pay for gas.  i still love you, jd and val, even you are jerks.  (psyyyche.) and it was fun.  we listened to funny things.  i got to see a lot of people tonight, and it made me warm and fuzzy inside like a peach in the microwave.  ..what?  it’s late.  goodnight.

dark as night.
Your spirit bright.
“let there be light.”
and then there was a beautiful creation.

the earth, the stars.
to go so far
to see how great You are
is such an overwhelming mystery.

a love so vast.
my sins have passed.
my life can last
because of what You’ve done for me.

i feel it’s time
for me to shine.
wrapped in love that’s so divine.
i owe it all to You.

but all of me is reaching.
and all of me is ready to rise.
carry me away
to where You would have me run
carry me away
where i’ll hear whispers from the Son

and now i bring an offering:
my heart to make Your angels sing.
every new day,
show me Your ways.


i finally put music to this.  yayyy.