-i’m paranoid that jeremy and i are going to end up on motormouth.

-i don’t like rain mixed with wind…unless i’m in a car watching people try to push their carts and hold an umbrella.

-listening to thousands of foreign people sing a stacie orrico song is really funny.

-God is cool and constantly shows me that He’s working in my life.

-the mall is decorated for Christmas. 

i think i’m going to make a paper chain before i pee my pants.

go look at my artwork. (in my previous post)


6 thoughts on “

  1. Hahhahahaha, sorry to be such a pain. My computer is pretty gay. Anyway.. HI BRANDON!!! I was going to tell you that I watched the episode of Full House where DJ gets caught with alcohol at the middle school dance and that I thought of you the whole time I was watching it. She had a mondo tubular outfit on.


  2. I WILL go with you to the show becasue they are my fav. and i lovee them.Your artwork is amazing and it is so aweosme. you are so good.yeah you make me look horriblebut i like ityour amazing….keep up the good work GodBless,Tina


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