survey from ashuhley:

Name: brandon
Are you happy with it?: yeah, i’m just glad i’m not called don.
Middle name: james
-Are you happy with it?: yes. all the cool kids have it.
-Nickname(s): nobody really calls me any nicknames anymore besides brandy and brando.  sad.
Birthday: july 26, 1985.
Gender: male.
Height: 6’2″-ish?
Weight: 146 last time i checked.
-Eye color: hazel. i don’t like that bout “brown/green/blue.”
-Hair color: brown
-Where were you born?: aultman hospital in canton
-Where are you now?: at my house
-Nationality: umm..i have british and german mostly in me..and a littttle bit native american.
-Zodiac sign: leo. rarrr.
Piercings: zero
Tattoos: zero

Color: it depends on the day.  today i like green. yesterday it was blue.  but it’s usually red.
Number: 27
Letter: S
Holiday: if you don’t know this then you don’t know me.
-Clothing company: i don’t really have has good pants. but not shirts. 
-Shoe company: american eagle or puma or converse
-Television show: full house and american idol and smallville and saturday night live and saved by the bell and wife swap.
-Food: tacos.
Fruit: bananas and oranges.
-Vegetable: potatoes
-Candy: redvines and skittles and snickers and kit kats and reese’s
-Quote(s): while playing taboo last night…the word was “wet.”
        me: i’m so moist i’m BLANK!…umm..when you get out of the shower you’re dripping……
        val: SWEAT!
        me: umm take off the s!
        val: SWEAT!

ahhaaha i love taboo.
Movie: ahh..i can’t decide on just a few. there are movies i like and movies i don’t like.
Band: switchfoot and cool hand luke and copeland and david crowder band.
Singer: reese roper or chris tomlin
-Type of music: it depends on my mood. i like a lot of things now.
-Restaurant: applebees and the olive garden and el campesino
-Fast food: wendy’s
Television channel: vh1..maybe
-Board game: if taboo counts.. then taboo. 
-Team: chattanooga poop.  (i made that up as an nfl exhibition team for my brother when i was younger.)
Car: my future one.

-MTV or VH1: it depends..but mtv has gotten really gay. vh1 is funny.
-Soccer or basketball: eh
Basketball or football: eh
Soccer or football: eh
-Summer or winter olympics: i like different ones of both.
-Star Wars or Star Trek: neeeeeitherrrrrrr.
-Piercings or tattoos: neither.

-Smoke: no. i don’t understand the point.
-Do drugs: no. i don’t understand the point.
-Drink alchohol: no. i don’t understand the point.
-Have a gf/bf: no. i don’t understan..just kidding.
-Have a crush: not at the moment
-Fallen in love: no.
-Kissed anyone the oppisite sex: not other than family.
-If so, who was your first kiss: summer before 7th grade: uhh..
-Kissed anyone the same sex: my brother and i used to kiss when we ewre little.  hahaha
-Broken anyone’s heart: if i did, i hate that i did.
-Are you a virgin?: yes.


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